This weekend is probably the only weekend I’d get away with this,

being as I am surrounded by bunting in the streets and shops,

and therefore having my eye in  where red white and blue are concerned.

Would never have occurred to me otherwise,

that I’d made

a Jubilee–coloured Breakfast

unintentionally but still

it started my day with a smile.

Would have been even better with some blueberries thrown in.

The Leaning Tower of Banana was purely accidental.

Some things are just too silly not to share.



Joy in a Material World

Three metres of fabulousness – just bought, washed before use,

going to be reconstructed into a full length skirt and a little jacket

which will have three-quarter sleeves, split for three inches at the cuff,

a Chinese style stand-up collar and a slightly fitted waist.

It’s polyester fabric 135 cm wide, machine-washable at 30º.

A close-up of the ‘right’ side, ablaze where the sun catches it ~

and because it’s Jacquard fabric,

the reverse is the design in negative (below)

which tempts me not to bother with a lining to the jacket,

especially since it’s a summer thing anyway.

It will also save me a deal of time.

Might mention here that I can’t remember the last time I bought material to make clothes for myself.

Think there’s a bit of an upgrade going on here,

accustomed as I am to wearing something just above rags, although this will be for best frock occasions.

Can hardly wait to get started,

but there are not a few things in the queue already,

so don’t hold your breath.

Also realised today that if people did hold their breath

waiting for me to get round to doing things

I’d be surrounded by corpses.

the Great Cabin ~ working on poster for visitors arriving at top of stairs

the attic floor of the house, reasonably spacious and fairly well lit,

is the new workshop for sewing, painting & graphics, miscellaneous small crafts,

and pottering and computering,

and as it’s therefore where the commander of the house spends most of her day

messing about or actually producing something,

and because her life is permanently saturated with maritime tastes, particularly in the square-rigged sailing ship flavour,

this room is now universally referred to as

the Great Cabin.

If the tablecloth confuses you, don’t worry.

It’s only because it’s in Latin, Arabic and Spanish,

being half a duvet cover bought on a fabric stall at a Spanish market.

The other half’s in a drawer awaiting instructions.


Wall Lights

It took me a moment, on waking,

to figure out why my wall was covered

in beautiful lights.

It was the sunlight

bouncing off these corner plaques

covered in pieces of  sequined sari

which is another story altogether,

for another day.